Remembering Maria Putzer (nee Etzel)

October 9, 1923 - November 27, 2017

One day, in 1939, while riding her bicycle Maria met John and a long courtship followed. Maria married John on February 23,1952 and soon they sailed for Halifax arriving on March 17,1952. The next year they started John H Putzer Ltd. and in the 1960s, they started M. Putzer Hornby Nursery Ltd. Maria worked tirelessly in the office while raising her two children.

The nursery had many visitors and Maria made countless cups of coffee, breakfasts and meals for many of them. Meals were very important to Maria and she always wanted the family together for them. Some of the most treasured memories we have, are of the family sharing meals together.

Maria took the very best care of her family. When Bill had a snowmobile accident and came home from the hospital she looked after him until he recovered. When Heidi came home from the hospital after being hit by a train, Maria looked after her while she was recuperating. When John’s knee was sore and he could hardly walk, she would wrap it up with her home remedies until the pain was gone. If you needed help with something she would stop what she was doing to help you, even if it meant she would spend hours later to finish what she was doing. Maria was always there to comfort and support you and no matter what would stay with you.

One of the greatest challenges in life Maria faced was losing her sight to Retinosa Pigmentosa but she didn’t let that stop her from doing the things she loved. Through all the tests and treatments Maria stayed positive and confident. Her attitude and determination were inspiring to all who knew her.

Maria loved to be outside in the sun. I think she got that growing up outside in the mountains. One of her favorite movies was the Sound of Music. When she watched that movie it would take her home to the mountains she loved so much. She spent hours in the garden, taking walks in the nursery with John or just sitting on the patio listening to the birds. In the winter, she would sit in the sunroom, where she could feel the warmth of the sun on her face and listen to her favorite music.